General Information & Brochure

Start TimeMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
4:00 PMIntro Tumbling
4:30 PMBeginning Tumbling
Tots Tumbling
Intro TumblingBeginning TumblingIntro Tumbling
5:00 PMIntro TumblingBeginning Tumbling
Tots Tumbling
Beginning TumblingBeginning Tumbling
5:30 PMBeginning TumblingIntro Tumbling
Tots Tumbling
Intro TumblingBeginning Tumbling
6:00 PMIntro TumblingBeginning Tumbling
Cheerleading Class
Intermediate Tumbling
Intro Tumbling
Intro Tumbling
Intermediate Tumbling
Intro Tumbling
Intermediate Tumbling
Intro Tumbling
Tots Tumbling
6:30 PMIntro Tumbling
Tots Tumbling
Intro Tumbling
Tots Tumbling
Beginning Tumbling

Tumbling Classes

United Cheerleading is proud to offer a wide variety of classes including tumbling, cheerleading, stunting, private, and All-Stars classes.

United Cheerleading’s tumbling classes are our number one requested classes! Tumbling is a huge aspect to cheerleading, especially at the competitive (High/Middle School & All-Star) level. Tumbling is also a great way to get started with competitive, game day and other types of cheerleading. We offer a variety of classes for children age 3 and up, ranging from very basic to advanced levels.

Our tumbling classes run on a one hour format, which is once a week, and four times per month. We keep a 8 to 1 student to instructor ratio. Our classes generally start as early as 4:00pm and our last one hour class starts at 7:30pm Monday – Friday. Please call us at 706.565.5524 (Columbus)/ 706.443.5524 (LaGrange) to link your schedule with ours and we can get your FREE trial class setup!

Cheerleading Classes

Cheerleading Classes

Cheerleading classes are open to children ages 3 and up. Focus will be placed on jumps, motions, voice projection and overall technique. This class is a great way for students to learn and improve cheerleading techniques before squad tryouts.


United Cheerleading has the ability to customize our program to fit the needs of your squad. Some schools prefer skill work if they are planning to compete at local or state competitions while others need assistance focusing on what cheerleading was created for – school and athletic support. United Cheerleading of Columbus specializes in assisting squads in the following areas:

Total Competitive Routine

  • Music
  • Dance & Motions
  • Cheer
  • Stunts & Pyramids
  • Music & Routine Upgrades

Tumbling & Stunt Instruction

  • All levels of tumbling
  • Partner Stunts
  • Pyramids
  • Safety

United Cheerleading takes PRIDE in each and every squad. United Cheerleading’s dedication to your squad will SURPASS anyone in the industry! Here is a short reflection of our school squad’s success just in the past five years:

21 – Top 5 GHSA State Finishes
29 – Top 10 GHSA State Finishes
EVERY team that United has worked with since 2004 has made it to state.

Private Classes

Private classes are designed around the student’s individual tumbling needs. Participants have the option of a single or double private class. This is a great class for one-on-one attention and getting the extra edge on achieving that specific tumbling skill!

Flight School

Fight School

In Flight School, students work first hand with our top notch instructors. Students will learn and enhance stunting skills ranging from cradles, ground-up techniques, half ups and full ups. Additionally, students can work stunt sequences that are in a routine. All stunts in this class are geared around ‘all-girl’ style stunting.