2020 Tumbling Classes

United Cheerleading’s tumbling classes are our number one requested classes! Tumbling is a huge aspect to cheerleading, especially at the competitive (High/Middle School & All-Star) level. Tumbling is also a great way to get started with competitive, game day and other types of cheerleading. We offer a variety of classes for children age 3 and up, ranging from very basic to advanced levels.

Our tumbling classes run on a one hour format, which is once a week, and four times per month. We keep a 8 to 1 student to instructor ratio. Our classes generally start as early as 4:00pm and our last one hour class starts at 7:30pm Monday – Friday. Please call us at 706.565.5524 (Columbus) to link your schedule with ours and we can get your FREE trial class setup!

This link has our prices, schedule and even videos of classes (select Columbus or Fort Benning block).


Address: 6045 Knology Way Columbus, GA 31909
Email: frontdesk@unitedcheerleading.com
Phone: (706) 565-5524

Fort Benning

Address: Bldg. 1056, 7110 McIver St. Fort Benning, GA 31905
Email: heath@unitedcheerleading.com
Phone: (706) 545-2079
Parent Central: (706) 801-5524




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Mission Statement

United Cheerleading of Columbus is dedicated to the growth and development of America’s cheerleaders. We will accomplish this by encouraging positive attitudes, healthy lifestyles, work ethic, discipline and perseverance. We believe that in developing these traits, our young members will not only be successful in cheerleading, but successful in LIFE!